The 6 Coolest Cases for The iPhone X

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The 6 Coolest Cases for The iPhone X

We all know that the iPhone X is this year’s must-have smartphone. So if you’ve upgraded from the iPhone 7, here’s a look at how you can keep your shiny new iPhone X ultra-safe!

Casetify Impact Case

 If you’re looking for a nice floral case for your iPhone X, then Casetify’s Impact Case could be a good solution. There are plenty of aesthetically pleasing floral and feminine designs to choose from that can mask the incredible processing power in the smartphone.

 But it’s the brand’s shockproof materials and dual layer protection that will keep your new Apple mobile safe in even the most chaotic of handbags!

Nodus Access Case

 There’s nothing like the tactile sensations of real leather to add a touch of style to your iPhone X. At least that’s the thinking behind Nodus’ great range of Access Cases for the Apple smartphone.

 You can choose from four different kinds of tanned Italian leather to keep your new mobile friend safe, and there’s also no annoying cradle to block the incredible selfies that you can now get with the iPhone X.

 Ted Baker iPhone X case

Ted Baker is one of the first major fashion designers to start making cases that are tailored towards the iPhone X. And it’s great to see how the brand has provided us with a great selection of Ted Baker iPhone X cases to choose from.

 Whether you’re picking a glittery rose gold case for a night out on the town, or a soft porcelain rose design for everyday use, it’s nice to find that you have an iPhone X case for every occasion!

Rebecca Minkoff iPhone X case

Rebecca Minkoff might be better known for her range of luxury handbags, but it seems as though the designer has recently been branching out with some chic tech accessories. And her Quilted Love Oil Slick iPhone X case has all of the glitz and glamour that you’d expect from this famous designer.

And whether you’re using your smartphone for sharing Instagram pictures with friends, or reading the Betfair roulette review at, it’s nice to find an iPhone X cases that’s rugged and stylish in equal measure.

Iphoria Kiss Me iPhone X case

 But if you’re looking for a suitably outrageous iPhone X case for a girl’s night out, then check out the Iphoria range of cases.

 They’ve got one great option that has a design with big red lips, eyelashes with plenty of mascara, and an extra dose of glitter and stars to make sure that everybody notices when you pull out your shiny new iPhone X!

Vianel Lizard iPhone X case

 Sometimes we need some tips from the world’s most stylish celebrities on how we should protect our new smartphones.

 And seeing as the famous model, Gigi Hadid, was recently spotted chatting on her iPhone X that was protected in a lovely lizard-print Vianel case, it’ll certainly give us that celebrity endorsement that we were all looking for!

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