6 Different Ways to Tailor Your Plus Sized Casual Winter Wardrobe

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6 Different Ways to Tailor Your Plus Sized Casual Winter Wardrobe

Ready-to-wear is not always the preferred option for many, especially for plus-sized women. Even the luxe clothes are being spoiled by these ill-fitting shoulders and loose straps, bulging waistbands and gaping blouses as well. Thanks! To the clothes mechanics: Tailors!

So let us have a run down through some of the proven techniques given by these mechanics. It will provide a useful insight if you are falling into this category. Also get to grab some free deals on New Look from Dealslands so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Step#1: Ignore Your Size

That’s right – Just ignore your size! If you are too conscious for your figure, then irrespective of whatever you wear, you will not be able to see the brighter side of your body.

If you are wearing a tight outfit, then you would get the feeling that your belly is protruding. On the other hand, if you are wearing some crappy loose clothes, then it would give you a feel that you are too fat. So the best way to avoid these situations is to accept the things as they come in your way.


Step#2: Not Necessarily Black

It is the most common misconception the colour black will flatter your shape and size. But that is not always true. Rather monotone shading will look more appealing and flattering than the plain old dull black.

Furthermore, a desirable outfit is of much more importance with the styling, fashion, and tailoring as compared to the hue of the fabric.


Step#3: Strict No No to Tapered Jeans

A plus size body shape is not complimented by the tapered jeans and pants. You can choose from the streamline pant shapes that has a straight cut from hip right down to the floor.

If you are having an issue with your butts or hip area, then try to select the flares and outfits that are slightly flaring at the bottom so as to balance the volume of your hip. Additionally, a flared pant will elongate your legs than the actual distracting the viewers from hips to the legs.


Step#4: Appreciate Your Plus Body Size

The fact remains the same, whether you appreciate it or not that you are plump and voluptuous! So instead of shedding those extra pounds, make sure that you have the confidence to feel the gorgeous you in yourself and in your current garments and skin.

For this, you need to find the fashion items and accessories that makes you feel pleasant and gorgeous inside and out.

Step#5: Say Na! To the Small or Wrong Size

You need to concern yourself with the clothing that fits your body and flatter you as well. You don’t need to bother about the silly number being printed on the label. The best clothing retailers and suppliers have their own size than those available in the market.

The stores like New Look and others have fantastic policies for the delivery and returns, in case the garments and fabric you have received are proper.


Step#6: Accessories add to the Extra Oomph!

The not-so good and fashionable outfits can also be jazzed up to the next level if it is paired with the right quantity and quality of accessories. Every clothing and fabric texture demands some unique and innovative accessory that enhances the beauty of the outfit as well.

For example, you can try for some great bracelets, wide shoes, and scarves so that it spices up your wardrobe.

The Final Word

You need to embrace the Faux Pas and rock with them. If someone is telling you to wear too much of denim, you need not lay your ears on these negative comments and continue to the rock this fashion and apparel world!