6 genius ways for girls who want killer ABS

Great abs are not just for men but women are also hitting the gym to get amazing abs! The only problem is the source that will help women to get fab abs and we, girls often fail to find it out. Stop dreaming and start working! All you need to know is summed up in this article from the diet you should follow to the right workout that you should perform.

1. Skip the soda
Before you exercise, think about what you have done to your body. Understand what makes you gain weight. A bottle of soda contains about 250 calories that will hinder the progress of getting the right abs! Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day. Avoid juices with preservatives in it. Take precautions!

2. Forget fast food
Here is another diet trick that will help you move forward to your health goal. Fast foods are loaded with calories and we all know it. It is fine to eat a bite once in a while but regular intake of junk food can be daunting. Prepare healthy meals at home and make sure to add healthy veggies in your diet. You will soon get used to it as you will start to see the benefits.
3. Do not starve
Cutting down calories to an extreme level may not work. You need a lot of protein and carbs to get well built, lean muscles. You don’t want to be a skinny girl with a dull skin, right? Never skip your meals, thinking that it would help you get abs. Instead, serve yourself with five servings in smaller quantity to amp up the progress.


4. Correct duration of workout
Reverse crunches, planks, alligator drags and side planks would give you the most benefit. Add hip dips and various light exercises for an extra challenge. You can use exercise ball to fasten the progression.
5. Do not just focus on abs
Try cardio workout that will overall help your body to get warmed up. You can always try different exercises but at a slower pace. Getting great abs is excellent but make sure you have a great body over all.


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