6 oils for skin tightening

It is only natural that our skin starts aging, when we start to age. With time, our skin becomes saggy, wrinkles appear as well as other signs like spots and scars. The things that causes skin sagging are less collagen synthesis, sunlight, smoking, air pollution, weight loss, pregnancy and the weakness of the skin tissues. Though this is something that would happen without fail and we cannot control it, we can control how fast our skin starts aging and to what extent it sags.

Using oils that provide skin tightening, we can hope to aid our skin a little.

Coconut oil-

Virgin coconut oil has many uses and one of them is skin tightening. Coconut oil easily absorbs into the skin and helps in the repair and rejuvenation of skin cells.

Apply coconut oil to your skin and massage for about 5 minutes in a circular upward direction and leave the oil overnight. You will not feel greasy after a few minutes and this will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Coconut oil also helps to balance out your skin color.

Mustard oil-

Heat the oil a little and massage it like coconut oil, before taking a shower. You can use it on your entire skin and at least 2 3 times a week. The massage stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates and makes the ski glow and has high levels of vitamin E which help to fight skin aging.

Almond oil-

Massage almond oil, half an hour before taking a shower. It is rich in Vitamin E just like mustard oil and visibly reduces skin sagging. It helps in skin tightening and moisturizes the skin.

Avocado oil-

Avocado oil contains high levels of Vitamin A, B and E. Massage it and wash off after an hour. Do this daily. Avocado oil penetrates the skin and provides deep moisturizing. It helps to provide firmness of skin.

Vitamin E-

From the above-mentioned oils, we know just how important vitamin E is for skin tightening as well as skin nourishment. But the skin is a part of our body and fixing it from inside is also important. Eating a vitamin E capsule daily can make a lot of difference to your body. Also, you can break a Vitamin E capsule and use the oil on your body (Mix it with some other like coconut oil).

Fish oil-

The best oil to take into your body. Fish oil contains tons of Omega 3 which is excellent for your skin and hair. You can take a capsule daily as well as use the oil directly on your skin. Doing both will have a better effect.