6 plain signs that he has fallen for you

While getting to hear those three magical words from a guy has its own essence, but it is not always necessary that he should be the one who makes the first move. If you have already understood his intentions and feel that something is definitely cooking up between you and him, give it a shot. Don’t wait for too long. But make sure that he really is interested in you before making your first move.
And to make it easier for you, we have created list of 6 plain signs that tells that he has definitely fallen for you. Scroll down and take a quick read.
• The constantly staring session

If you have observed and repeatedly caught him staring at you in the classroom, there is a great possibility that he likes you. It is quite evident from this behavior of theirs that they are just too interested in you and just can’t stop looking at you even for a minute. But make sure his intentions are right. There are some guys who are creepy and their stare only makes you feel uncomfortable, so be careful from such guys. Before taking any decision, think twice.

• They talk about you with almost everyone

Some guys are not good at confessing their feelings easily and that too so early. So, they are left with no option but discuss about their liking towards you with their friends and others. While it might be difficult for them to come up to you and share their heart out, but it is comparatively easy for them to share their feelings with their close ones. If you have often bumped into people telling you that he really likes you, it is pretty clear that he has fallen for you.

• They remember every single detail that you have shared with them

Their mind works like a tape recorder, when it comes to storing every minute detail about you. They know and remember so much about you that you will even have a doubt about whether you know yourself this good or not. From your dressing style to the way you talk, they notice everything. If there’s one person who shows genuine interest in knowing you, its him.

• Their Body language says it all

At times even when a guy doesn’t express his feelings to the one for whom he has fallen for, there’s a lot that can still be communicated by his body language. Little gestures like hugging you for no reason or repeatedly shaking hands with you are enough to make out whether they like you or not.

• They have started finding interest in your interests

Some guys don’t mind giving up on their interests and even start adopting your interests just because they have fallen so deeply for you. They would never have a problem in watching your favorite comedy sitcom, even if they simply hated it earlier. This completely shows that they are interested in you and can go to any extent to be with you.

• They search for reasons to meet you

No guy would like to waste most of their time on you if they are not genuinely interested in you. If you have often seen him searching for reasons to meet you, there is a great possibility that he loves being around you. Don’t let his efforts go in waste and appreciate it. Meet him and make him feel comfortable just like he does. There is no problem if he can’t say those magical words. You can take the lead and get lucky.