We all try to find someone whom we can be compatible with. Someone who is looks after us and at the same time pushes us out of our comfort zones once in a while. We want someone whom we can trust and be our true selves with. But does this necessarily imply that he needs to be a good guy? Or can it also be that we want a guy who loves to take risks and who makes mistakes?

While girls want to have a guy who treats them nicely, they don’t want a guy who is constantly stuck to them. So if you too cannot find yourself attracted to a ‘nice’ guy’, here are some points that you’ll relate to.

  • They fail to give personal space

Nice guys can be very welcoming to conversations and discussing feelings but what they lack at is that they don’t know when to stop. They are constantly present around you and it is too much to handle after a while. You can’t even have a girls’ night out without him calling you every 15 minutes.


  • They are passive aggressive

The problem with good guys is that they don’t want to hurt your feelings which mean that if they have some problems with you, they will just give you the silent treatment. Now this is where it gets very annoying because no one will want to deal with this attitude. If a guy wants to say something, he should open up about it.


  • They go overboard with romantic gestures

Girls want their boyfriends to be romantic once in a while but going completely overboard with the whole idea is a bit too much for any girl. This might good look in the movies but even girls know how much is too much. They don’t want huge gestures all around the clock.


  • They smile all the time

It’s good to smile and it gives a sense of warmth when you see someone else smile at you but not all the time. Nice guys have this habit of constantly smiling which gets creepy after a while. It’s not a huge deal to be counted as a tie-breaker but once it gets paired with other traits, it just adds along.


  • They aren’t confident to speak up

Another major thing is that these good guys do not have enough courage to speak up about anything even when it comes to being intimate. They shy away from those conversations and even when they say something, they tend to start blushing. Most girls enjoy a guy who knows what he wants and asks for it.


  • They fail to spice-up the relationship

They do what is told to them which is nice but honestly, very boring. They fail to initiate anything and do not put up any twists. Girls enjoy someone who is obedient but not someone who fails to give opinion or feedback. It starts getting very monotonous after a while.

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