6 Popular Bollywood Couples Who Did Not Marry But Have A Love Child

On one level, Bollywood is all about link ups and break ups. While many stars get intimate because of their romantic chemistry, others start going out to get into the controversies and limelight. The news of love affairs in Bollywood spread like forest wildfire. These Bollywood affairs discussed below not only came as surprise to the entire nation but their love child shocked everyone. These couples decided not to get married but had a love child afterwards.


  • Raj Babbar & Smita Patil

Prateik Babbar is the love child of yesteryears actor Raj Babbar and Smita Patil. Raj left his wife for Smita and had Prateik with him. Smita died in postnatal complications and Raj even refused to give Prateik his name. He moved back with his wife but finally gave his name to his love child.


  • Neena Gupta & Vivian Richards

Masaba Gupta is the love child of the talented actress Neena Gupta and  cricketer Vivian Richards. Neena had a short affair with the West Indies cricketer but she decided to have the baby from the relationship. This bold actress raised Masaba Gupta all on her own fighting all societal norms.


  • Purab Kohli & Lucy Payton

Inaya Kohli is the love child of Purab Kohli and his British girlfriend Lucy Payton. He was already married when he decided to have a baby with Lucy. Inaya was born in 2015 and on February 15 this year, he married his girlfriend.


  • Aamir Khan & Jessica Hines

Aamir Khan had a short lived affair with British journalist Jessica Hines during his shoot for Ghulam. They were living together during that time and Jessica became pregnant. She decided to keep the baby even though Aamir left. His love child Jaan made news when it became open that Jaan was actually Aamir’s son.


  • Kamal Hassan & Sarika

Kamal Hassan and Sarika had Shruti Hassan even before they got married. Hassan was already married to classical dancer Vani Ganpathy but divorced her to marry Sarika after Shruti was born. Later he divorced her as well.

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