6 Popular TV couples who broke up this year!

By Vaishali Aggarwal

June 28, 2017

Almost every day we hear about the link-ups and break-ups of famous TV personalities. Hardly a day passes by when we don’t hear any rumors about any of them. But the TV industry got its biggest shock this year when the following celebrities who were madly in love with each other since the last few years parted their ways out. Seems like 2017 has not been a good year for all of them so far. There are so many TV couples who broke up this year- and can you believe we are just in the midway of year 2017 and there are still 6 more months to go and already this happened!

Just like Bollywood couples, fans love small-screen’s real-life Jodies as well. And, when these couples breakup, it comes as a surprise and shock to their fans.

If the things keep on going the same way they are going right now, then certainly many other TV couples may too join them in the list and get it longer. Check out the video and discover those popular 6 TV couples who broke up this year: