Make up is fun! You love to do it; I love to do it and let us admit that if possible then we would like to experiment as boldly and crazily as possible. But what are your thoughts on over makeup? Or rather, have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped using makeup? Well yeah some people would look really ill without slapping up their face with a bit of makeup (or at least that is what the people around would say) but there are long term superb effects of NOT using make up.


  • Your skin pores will return to their natural size- when you apply make-up, it seeps in the skin just like cream, but what it doesn’t not do is get absorbed (no that is a good thing don’t let the make-up get absorbed!). The make-up stays on your skin and inside your pores for hours thus expanding their size. This in turn makes it easier for dust and dirt to get stuck in your pores causing pimples, acnes and other stuff that we just hate. Wash and hydrate skin daily to keep the pores clean.
  • Lesser break outs- just like the above point, less make up means less make up and less clogging of your skin pores and thus less problem and harshness for your skin. One way out of this is to always keep your make-up equipment clean and your products new (as in don’t use old expired stuff).
  • Pink eye and eye infections- the most prominent way of applying make-up, other and contouring, is eye make-up. Our eyes are extremely dynamic and usable when it some to transformation using eye shadows, mascaras, liners and kajal. But many times, we get eye infection, pink eyes, dry eyes, irritable eyes and what not if the make-up goes inside our eyes and this happens a lot. Continuing with these might cause more damage to our eyes in the future.
  • Dry skin- the chemicals in our make-up prevent our skin from breathing and fixing it self. Never sleep with make-up on. Always cleans your face properly right after coming after home and then hydrate properly.
  • Allergic reaction- it happens many times that we sometimes don’t know what we may be allergic to. Especially when it comes to cosmetics, the range of chemicals and substances used is so vast that it is difficult to pin point the main cause. It will be good to ask a dermatologist to know which substances don’t suit you or better yet, don’t use make-up.
  • Health- the products we use don’t just affect the skin they are applied to but your whole body. The chemicals in these products spread to more of your skin than you know and can cause break outs and allergies anywhere and also causes disturbance to your inner health.


Here is a link to a video that talks about all of the above point-

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