Relationship is something in which you share all your problems,your happiness and each and every part of your life. Some of us so early decides that your boyfriend is the person who is our perfect soulmate but in most of the cases it is not right.

If you are living in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere so its time to leave your relation and just move on in your life, may be that person is not right for you. Below are some signs to know that when it’s time to move on from your relationship.

  1.  When you starts thinking of your past life and memories which you both have made together, it’s is the big sign that your relationship is not going well because people only thinks about the memories when they feel lonely or ignored. And if you are thinking of it, than it means something is going very wrong in your relationship.
  2. If you always feel sad, stressed while you are in a relationship than your relationship is of no use. If you are in such a relation where you always have tears in your eyes and your partner always leaves you unhappy,frustrated than he/she is not a perfect one for you so, its better to search for a person who can always make you happy.
  3. You should accept the person as they are. You should not try to change the person and force him/her to live according to you. If your partner continuously forces you to change yourself and live your life according to his/her standard than its better to leave such a ridiculous and narrow minded person. Its your life live it as you want don’t change yourself  for anyone, if you want to change yourself than only go for it not for someone else.
  4. If your partner hurts you physically,mentally or emotionally than you have left with no other option except to leave your realtion. No one has no right to hurt you physically or in any manner. You should not give him/her that much freedom that they will hurt you like this. Physical wounds are visible and can be healed but its  very difficult to heal emotional wound. so instead of living in such a relation its better to move on from it.
  5.  Every relationship needs love,time and caring but if this effort is placed by only one partner and the another one is not placing any effort from his/her side than your initiative is also useless. To make a relationship last longer its the responsibilty of both the partners to take the initiative otherwise if only one is making effort it will bring no result.
  6. If your relationship is not working well and you are just living in your relation with a hope that in future everything will get alright than you are wrong just like living with past memories is not good same living in future expectation is also not good. You are living in present so just decide now that whether you want to live in such a relation or want to move on from this.
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