Relationships can be tough at times, but if you have the right partner, things may seem too easy. A guy, who genuinely loves you and sees a future with you, would never mind giving you all his love and care.  If he says that he loves you, he really means it. There are times when things might seem complicated between the two of you. He might not act his usual self, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you.

But if you are still not sure that your partner loves you enough, here are a few signs that will make it clear to you that you mean the world to him. Scroll down and take a look:

Your partner asks you before making any plans

Unlike other guys, he doesn’t force his decisions on you and rather gives you enough freedom to take your own decision. Before making any plans, he always takes you into consideration and if you are not free and can’t meet him for some reason, he respects your decision.

Your partner doesn’t assign you tasks

He doesn’t order you to do his work and understands it well that you too have a life of your own. He believes in completing his duties all by himself but just in case he needs help, he always requests you for the same like a gentleman.

Your partner keeps a check on you

No, don’t take it all negative. By this, we mean that your partner always tries to keep a check that you are keeping well when he is not around you. On days when you are sick, he takes extra efforts to check whether you had your meal on time or not.

Your partner doesn’t make you count the favors he has done to you

A relationship doesn’t last too long if one person out of the two is always counting the favors that he or she has made in the relationship. If your guy always keeps reminding you of the favors that he has done to you, he is not the one you should be with. But if he puts in his hundred percent and still doesn’t boast about it, he is the best one for you and you should never let him go.

Your partner doesn’t try on other girls

He is never seeing on other girls. All he wants to see is you and no one else. Like other boys, he can’t hit around with multiple girls at the same time. He wants to give all his time and efforts to one girl and that is you. He won’t waste his energies to please someone else. Even if a hot girl passes by, it doesn’t really affect him. For him, you’re the only beautiful girl alive that makes him happy.

Your partner goes out of the way to make you feel special

He is the one who never gets tired of bombarding you with dozens of surprises. And he doesn’t even need an occasion to do so. From birthday surprises to random long drives, he does it all. Also, He does it because he loves it when you are happy and the reason behind that happiness is none other than him. So, if your guy takes extra efforts just to see that smile on your face, never let him go.

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