It is better to not be in a relationship than being in one where only one person genuinely puts in all the efforts. During the initial stage of a relationship, things are quite rosy. People often claim their partners that they love them and can do anything for them but as and when time passes by, things change and so do people.
Every relationship demands equal efforts from both the ends. No relationship can last for long where one person is taking all the pains and giving his or her best to resolve a fight and the other one is least affected by it . If you feel that your buy or your girl is not as interested as you are in your relationship, it is possible that your relationship is one sided. Here is a list of 6 signs that tell your relationship is one sided:

• Your partner never initiates the communication
You are the one who always makes the first move. You take all the major efforts to keep the conversation going between the two of you by constantly messaging or making the phone calls. Your partner needs to be reminded all the time that you exist. If your partner never even tries to message you even once until you do, chances are you’re in a one sided relationship.

• You apologize for things you shouldn’t apologize for
There are times when you feel sorry for things you shouldn’t even be. Your partner never accepts his or her mistakes and rather puts all the blames on you. He or she makes you feel guilty over things that didn’t even went wrong because of you. Even when you know that you are right, you still prefer to apologize and accept being at fault to put an end to all the arguments.

• Your partner always cancels plans with you
If your partner always keeps cancelling on you, there’re chances he or she is not that into this relationship. You feel the urge to meet and hang out with your beloved only when you love them enough. When you can see your partner giving random excuses every now and then to avoid going out with you, you should back out of this forced one sided love affair.

• Your partner prioritizes his or her friends over you
Another sign of one sided love story is that your partner never keeps you as his or her first priority. Making plans with friends seems easier for them but when it comes to going out for a movie date with you, they’ll snap you with all the emotional drama and never ending excuses. They won’t mind ditching on you for their friends. Giving your partner enough personal is necessary for a relationship but excess of everything is bad. He or she should know that you are as important as his or her friends.

• You feel stressed all the time
If things aren’t working out smooth between the two of you and you’re the only one who feels terribly bad about it, there are chances that your partner doesn’t even care. He or she is least bothered about resolving things and would rather prefer escaping one such situation that makes him or her feel stressed. When two persons decide to get into a relationship with each other, they are equally responsible to put in efforts to make it work. Its awful when one stays stress free and the other has to deal with all the problems.

• Your partner never introduces you to his or her friends or family
A real committed partner would never have problem in introducing you to his or her friends and family. He or she rather feels happy about the fact that you are befriending his friends and taking out time from your busy schedule for his or her family. If your partner keeps your relationship hidden from others and always makes excuses when you ask him or her to introduce you to his or her family, there are chances that he or she is not even serious about this relationship.

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