At times you don’t have to try hard to search for a perfect guy when you can see him right next to you. It might sound weird but most of the girls fall for their own guy best friend at some point of time. It is so because no other person has ever made them feel more special than what they do. And how will someone else ever get the opportunity to make them feel special when they are constantly glued to their best friend-cum-boyfriend? There is no time and no day that a girl can do without talking to his truly platonic male best friend. He is her only go-to person.

Girls don’t realise it but they do fall for their best friends sometimes. It’s a blessing to have a caring boyfriend but it is even better when you can find love in your own best friend.

So, if you are one of those girls who don’t have boyfriends because your guy best friend doesn’t make you feel any less, there is a great chance that you are falling for him. Here are 6 signs that tell you are falling for your guy best friend:

  • You can’t stop talking to him

Your morning starts with a good morning text to him and ends on a good night note to him. You both can talk all day long. Even when you don’t have anything relevant to talk about, you still know how to keep the conversation going. You tell him every minute detail of your day at office and so does he. There is hardly any day when you both don’t talk to each other. It’s like your everyday ritual. And with his presence in your life, you don’ feel the need of talking to anyone that frequent.


  • You feel jealous when he gives more importance to someone else

Girls get jealous very easily. No girl likes it when her guy best friend suddenly starts giving more importance to someone else. No matter how many times in a week your guy best friend meets you or calls you, you still feel like killing him when he starts prioritizing someone else even for a second. You hate it when he cancels plans with you and ditches on you to meet that new chic in college. You don’t believe in sharing him with anyone at all.


  • You can’t hide anything from him

Best friends can’t keep secrets from each other.  There’s nothing that you haven’t shared with him. Even the darkest of all your dark secrets is safe with him. You trust him more than you trust your own self. There is hardly anything that you don’t tell him. Being a best friend, he’ll listen to what you say and care about what you say. From your teenage crushes to your past breakup stories, he knows it all.


  • You are friends with his friends and family

You frequently visit his family and they enjoy your company. His home has become your second home. You have become friends with his friends and now you both hangout with them together. His family invites you for lunch every now and then. Everyone thinks that you’re dating or like each other. It can be really exhausting to tell everyone that you both are just friends, so just stay awesome and let people perceive what they wish to.


  • You don’t need special occasions to meet him

People find reasons to meet each other, while you both don’t need any. Even if it isn’t a friendship day or a valentine day, you both celebrate your friendship like no one does. When he’s out for vacations, it gets worse since you can’t meet him for days. You can’t keep your blabbering shut for long and that is why you always want to meet him and update him with all the new stories.


  • You cry when he fights with you

You just can’t take it when he fights with you. It is even worse than a breakup. It makes you go emotional and stressful at the same time. If he stops talking to you even for a day, you feel that everything is falling apart. This is pretty much the saddest stage you’ll find yourself ever in. But no matter how much he fights with you, he’ll always be by your side. He’ll make up for it once everything is back to normal. And even he knows he can’t stay away from you for long. That’s what true friendship is.

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