Telling your partner “I love you” is extremely important but did you know that there are 6 more things that need to be conveyed to your love to make them feel wanted and loved and to keep the love in your relationship forever. Here are the things that you need to say:

“I would rather be with you than- “

Let your partner know that no matter how busy your schedule gets or how many people you need to meet, letting your partner know this little thing will be very special and comforting for your partner who will be missing you for the time that you’ll be gone. Even if you hardly get time to meet your partner in a day, let them know that being with them is what you prefer the most.


“I like you just the way you are”

tell your partner that he/she does not need to change at all. Even if you find some things in your partner that you would like them to improve, don’t every say “You need to become like that.” No one likes being told that they are not good enough for being them. The hurt goes way beyond imagination. Tell them that they are perfect just the way they are but that you would appreciate if they fixed some aspect of their behavior because it is bothering you and trust me your partner will think hard about it.

“I was just hoping that, that was you”

if your partner calls you or pays a surprise visit, say this. Your partner calling or vising you means that they were thinking about you and hearing you say the same will make them feel extremely happy. 90% of the time you actually will be waiting for their call or for them to drop by but what is important is to convey these feelings in the form of words. Let your thoughts reach your partner.

Michelle Obama’s dinner time ritual?

Well many parents are adopting this now a day. When you ask someone “How was your day?” you would normally get a “Fine” or “Okay” for an answer, but what is more important is for people to talk about themselves more. Ask your kids or your partner “What’s your rose and thorns?”. Which means describing their best (rose) and worst (thorn) time of the day. This will make your partner feel that he/she can talk freely about their problems. They will realize how important you are for them and they will feel better after talking about their problems.

“Let me help you find it, let me help you-“

help your partner. Obviously, your partner is not a baby but we all need support, love and a little looking after. Helping your partner find lost things or helping them through tough situations will give a lot of strength and peace of mind to your partners.

“Sleeping beside you is the best thing in the world”

sleeping beside someone (and I mean just sleeping not doing anything else) gives you’re the ultimate feeling of safety. Knowing that the other person has let down their guard just as much as you, makes you feel safe. If anything happens, if grudge come by, he/she will be here too. You might even have sleep problems and letting your partner know that all sleep problems are nil around them will make your partner really happy.

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