There is no woman in this world who doesn’t like being pampered by her guy. While in the initial stages of a relationship, every guy puts in his best effort to make her girl feel special, but after a couple of months, the charm of the relationship starts to fade as he stops putting in the same efforts anymore. And this somehow becomes the reason behind complications in a relationship. But need not worry all you women because you can easily bring that charm back. But for that you will have to put in some extra efforts from your end. And once you achieve that, you’ll not only be able to see the old him back but also see him craving for you more.

Here are a few tips that can help you make your guy crave for you. Scroll down to read:

Call him with his name

You might not believe this, but guys simply love it when they hear their name come across from their partner’s lips. Especially when you two are planning to get cosy in bed, make it a point that you pull him close and say his name right in his ear. This would definitely work and probably be a huge turn on for him.

Unforeseen touches

There’s no guy in this world who doesn’t like being touched by his girl. But why do something that others do. Go out of the box and touch him when he least expects you too. He will not only feel surprised but also crave for more. Give him signals by reaching his pockets for keys, moving your fingers on his lips or whispering softly in his ear.

Make him guess

At times it might get difficult for you to make him want you more. And the best thing to do to make him crave for you is by acting in a secretive or mysterious manner around him. Don’t tell him about your likes, dislikes and other important details and let him guess all of these on his own. This would definitely make him mad and he would step up by making different guesses.

Make some changes in your lifestyle

If you want to grab your guy’s attention and make him want for you, make some changes in your lifestyle first. For example, start practicing yoga at home to lose that extra tummy fat and impress your guy with your curvalicious figure. You can also try to change the way you look by getting a nice haircut or by wearing different clothes. All these changes would definitely work on your guy.

Bombard him with compliments

It’s a myth that only girls like compliments. Guys are humans too. They too love it when someone compliments them, especially when it is coming from their special person. So, make it a point that you compliment him enough. When you go out on a date, tell him that he is looking nice and that black colour really suits him. This will not only boost his self confidence but also make him feel that you notice him.

Revive the good old memories

Another way to make him crave for you is by taking him down the memory lane. Remind him about all the good moments that the two of you have spent together. Take him to that place where you went out for your first date. Re-do all that stuff which you used to do with him during the initial stages of your relationship.

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