Dating is undeniably too fun and hard at the same time. But if dating is done right, you might land up in a great relationship and transform your love life. And here we are to help you out with the very same thing. To Make You Date The Right Way!


-Go Beyond One Place: Don’t just get stuck to the usual bars in a hope to meet ‘That One Person’. It might be awesome to date someone whom you met in a club while dancing and drinking grins. But don’t limit yourself to one place. You may end up dating someone you met at a grocery store or library or at a food fest. Love can bloom anywhere, anytime.

– Let Your Friends Be The Matchmaker: No one knows you as better as your friends. This includes al your goof ups, demands, expectations and obviously, likes and dislikes. Give your chance to your friends to find you a date.

– Emphasize on First Impressions: How can one forget the unforgettable, “First impression is the last impression”. On the first date, make sure to give your best ever performance. Smile, make eye contact and listen to what he/she is saying. And don’t get so indulged into making a right impression that you forget to observe your date. Act normal. Behave like you. Don’t try to act cool. And moreover, DONT FAKE.

– Don’t Overshare: While your nerves run with excitement of the first date, keep a check on your words that flow out from your mouth. Don’t be a word vomitter. Don’t let them know you have stalked them too hard on social media! Discuss family, friends, previous relationships and everything. But overdose of everything is you know, too dangerous.

– Be Yourself: This is the most basic and the best one. Simply be yourself. Let your date like the real you. Not only will this not generate over expectations but will also lead to a very healthy relationship. If they don’t like the real you, they will simply reject you. Atleast you won’t end up with a person with whom you can’t be yourself.

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