6 tips that will help you turn on your girl

Do you wish to turn your girl on but always fail to? We have some simple tips that will help you turn on your girl. Have a look:

  1. Compliment her

Girls love compliments. Tell her that she is pretty and looks beautiful when she wear your favorite dress. Let her know that you love her.

 2. Stay confident


Be confident about your feelings. Show it to her without any fear.

 3. Be very gentle and playful

Touch her gently. Awaken the romantic inside you and play with her hair when she is around.

 4. Look for a quiet place

Spend some quality time with her in a quiet place. Talk romantically and softly with her. This will set her mood.

 5. Touch her with love

Hold her hand, keep it around her waist. She should feel the love that you wish to share.

 6. Get close

You have to take the lead and kiss her gently at first. You can further make your kiss more passion.