6 ways you can strengthen the bond with your partner

Have you ever wondered why a relationship feels so exciting at the beginning but slowly gets normal or boring? The reason behind this is ‘bonding’. When a relationship starts, it kick-starts with bonding. Both the people try their best to know and bond with their partners and this is what makes everything so exciting and rose-colored. But what happens later? After we get comfortable with our partner we stop investing time in bonding. So, if you feel that you have reached such a point or if you just need some ideas, here are a few ways to bond with your partner:

1)    Travel– Take some time out of your busy schedule and go on a short crazy vacation. Be sure to choose something new and exciting; but also, something that you both are comfortable with.

2)    Date nights– To revive the lost fun, start planning date nights again. Tell you partner to ‘be ready at 7’ or something and go out on lavish or any kinds of dates.

3)    Exchange knowledge– It is always fun to learn something new. Ask you partner if they would like to learn something new from you. If you do start learning new things from each other, or learning new things together, it will serve as a door to totally new things which you can talk about.

4)    The feel of touch should not be forgotten– Being intimate with you partner is extremely important. Don’t live a dry life led by work. If you are young, then act young and wild.

5)    Sports– The bonding which comes from playing sports is not something to underestimate. Join a club where you can play sports with other people and other couples. This will help you make new friends, freshen up your mind and help you bond.

6)    Talk about the good memories from time to time– Don’t just stuff you photo albums and videos away in cupboards. Take some time every month to take them out and look at them; together. Also, don’t forget that you need to have photos to look at a photo album. Take photos from time to time. Even when it is not a big event.