Applying kajal in various styles that are unique and fashionable can be fun. Black kohl or kajal is one of the easiest ways to try out simple eye makeup ideas. In fact, applying kajal in styles that are varied is the easiest way to look new every day. When you have to run to office and have only 5 minutes to finish makeup, then you must use black kohl on your eyes.

Applying kajal in styles that are completely different from each other is a versatile idea. This is because; black is a colour that usually suits almost every eye. Especially for our Indian complexion, there is nothing so attractive than black kohl. That is why, applying kajal in all styles that are varied always work for Indian women. However, if you keep using only kajal for eye makeup, your look may become a bit monotonous. What you simply need are different eye makeup ideas to keep having a fresh look every day. All these different ideas can be implemented by applying kajal in various styles that have been described below.

Have a look:-

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