At times when guys think that they are doing everything right in their relationship, they are actually not. Knowingly or unknowingly they commit certain mistakes in their relationship which can be as little as not listening to their partner and as big as dominating their partner all the time. Here is a list of 6 things that guys do that is probably spoiling their relationship. If you are one of those guys it is time for you to quit these habits.

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Not listening to what she says

To not spoil your relationship with your ladylove it is important for you to listen to everything that she has to say. Keeping yourself busy on the phone while she is talking about something serious will only make her feel that you are least interested in her. If you expect her to listen to you when you are talking, she expects too. Never ever forget that.

Trying to manipulate her all the time

Never ever try to manipulate her. She won’t say anything initially but with time she would start having a problem with this and might even revolt against your controlling nature. If she wants to meet someone or do something, let her do it. Stop ruling her all the time if you don’t wish to break up anytime soon.

Not appreciating her


If you are dating a girl, you should have already known the fact that girls love receiving compliments from their partner. Failing to do this, you’re only inviting more trouble for yourself because if you won’t do it, someone else will. And before it gets too late, it’s better you take advantage of it. Bombard her with compliments when she especially dresses up for you to the dinner date. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in this world.

Putting all the blames on her

This is the biggest spoiler in any relationship. When you commit something wrong, you should have the guts to accept it and feel sorry for it. Blaming her for everything is only going to complicate things between you and her in the long run. She will only tolerate it to an extent and after that, she might just walk out of this relationship. If you don’t want that to happen, it is time for you to take the accountability of all your mistakes and also apologise for the same.

Not being thankful to her

If she is putting in all her efforts and doing almost everything possible to make this relationship work, you should thank her for the same. While thanking her may seem unnecessary or irrelevant to you but it is important for any relationship to last for long. Also because women like these little gestures, you should make sure that you do it more often.


Not saying her “I Love You”

It is not necessary to express your love to someone every other day but there’s no harm in doing it if the other person loves it. And when it comes to women, you just can’t miss out saying those three magical words to her every single day. A woman loves it when her guy tells her how much he loves her. She likes being reassured by her guy that he would always be there whenever she needs him. this is why you should do it more often.

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