It is easier said than done. Mores so as every person is different. But the path to a happy relationship might somewhat be same. Here are 6 ways to achieve the same:

You need to work hard to make a relationship work- Assuming that true love is always gentle, is only an escape route. Of course love should only feel good, but the ones loving are humans and humans have their faults. The important thing here is to work hard in your relationship so as to not let your human mistakes come in the way of your love.

Respect each other- This does not mean that you need to have a formal relationship with your partner, but respect is important. Respect their views, ideas, dreams, work and practically them, as a human. We are all constantly running a race in our society with lots of people trying to put down our dreams. Having someone respect you at this point serves as a great moral support.

Don’t try to change your partner- This is the one thing that you should absolutely avoid doing. Changing someone to fit your needs means that you are not respecting your partner’s decisions. Telling your partner about your problems and doubts is different though. You should of course convey your thoughts and ask your partner to make improvements or slight adjustments but never tell them that they are wrong and that they need to change. This will only act as a rebound.

Become friends- Friendship goes longer than love. Or, friendship is a deeper form of love. When you look at a relation as just a commitment between a man and a woman, you are bound to face problems. There will be ego issues, money issues and issues about things that you would not even imagine to have issues. But if you are friends, things change. You are more chilled out with your friends and there is more leeway. That is the kind of relationship you need to sort out.

Don’t look for happiness from outside- It is true that we want our partners to make us happy but that doesn’t mean that they have become responsible for our happiness just because they are committed to us. Happiness comes from within. You need to find ways to stay happy on your own. Additional efforts by your partner should be appreciated but don’t take it as something obvious that partners need to do. Making someone happy is a noble act not a duty.

Be the person you wish to stay with- We all have our own mentality about what is right and what is wrong. You might not like lies but your partner may not think of it as a big deal. Although this cannot be easily channeled, what is important is for you to be the kind of person you respect. If you cannot stand lies, then become a person who absolutely does not lie, no matter what. This kind of attitude would affect your partner as well and they would feel that lying is something that they don’t want to indulge in when they are with you.

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