Breakups are the worst thing about a relationship. They come along with a roller coaster of emotions. While there are some people who get through this phase in no time, there are still others who take ages to get over their ex. No matter who messed up in a relationship, there is always a winner and a loser after it has ended. And the key to win a breakup is to be the first to move on. Here’s a list of ways that can help you win your breakup like a boss:


  • Don’t waste your time talking about it


There’s no point in talking about it over and over with people. It is okay to pour your heart out to your close friends and family at least once but talking about it every now and then is not a good idea. Also, most of your friends don’t even care to know about your heartbreak and all the bad things that your ex did to you. Even though they pretend that they are listening to you, but in reality they are just waiting for you to get over with your talking. So, it is better to keep mum than bad mouthing about your ex repeatedly and rather do something productive in life.


  • Divert your mind and get busy


It will become too difficult for you to move on if you don’t plan to stop thinking about your ex and all those lovey-dovey moments that you had spent with them in past. Rather than keeping a track on their social media updates and hurting yourself, it is better to put in all your energy and time into your education, career or other personal interests. You should work on your own progress by applying for jobs or volunteering to associate with some NGO or trying to get in shape by working out. This way you’ll be too busy to even think about your ex.


  • Don’t get into a new relationship too soon


If you are planning to get into another relationship just after you have ended your previous one, there are chances that it is not going to work out between the two of you. You won’t only prove to be a fool to yourself but also to your new partner. You should concentrate on getting over your ex first. Finding a replacement is only going to worsen your situation. And if you’re doing this to make your ex feel insecure, then there’s nothing more horrible than this. Think twice or even thrice before taking any such decision that you might regret afterwards.


  • Evaluate yourself


Try to analyze what went wrong in your previous relationships and what was your role in it. It is important to own up or take responsibility for the mistakes that you committed in your past relationships. This way you’ll not only grow as a person but also avoid committing any such mistake in future. Don’t play victim to circumstances that you created in your relationship. Even if your ex never took responsibility for their actions, you should never run away from taking ownership of your actions and feelings. Learn from your mistakes.


  • Don’t isolate yourself


This is the time when you need to surround yourself with positive vibes. By restricting yourself in a room and not meeting anyone, you will only find it hard to get over your ex. If you wish to win your breakup, you need to remind yourself again and again that you still have people who care for you and that life doesn’t end here. Meet your loved ones and spend quality time with them instead of pushing them away from you. This will help you heal easily.


  • Forgive and forget


No matter how hard it is to forget all the bad things that your ex did to you, you should still try to forgive him and let him live in peace if he feels guilty of the same. There is no such human who doesn’t commit mistakes. What is important is to realize that you were wrong and own up to it. But forgiving and forgetting things doesn’t mean that you start talking to your ex all over again. This is only done to let go of your resentment and move on with your life and hope that they move on in their life too.


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