6food items to eat to feel cool in the scorching summer!

By admin

April 10, 2018

Everything about the summers is amazing but not the soaring temperature! It is surely fun to dress up in bright happy colours, chill in swimming pool and go out on brunch dates during summers but doesn’t the scorching heat spoil it all?

Well, beat the heat from within and don’t let the increasing temperature act as a spoilsport. Here is a list of food items you should eat to keep yourself cool this summer.

1. Mint Leaves: This is a super-refreshing and a cooling herb which you can consume in several ways. You can add some mint leaves in a glass of cold water with honey and few lemon drops. Or, you can even relish it in form of chutney – Dhania-Pudina chutney is a staple in Indian households during summers. A glass of jaljeera also has mint leaves in a good quantity.

2. Chaas: Buttermilk aka chaas is nothing but curd mixed with a little water. Add some salt, cumin powder and mint leaves to chaas and relish to stay refreshed. Mint and yogurt, both of them act as cooling agents and lower your body’s temperature.

3. Cucumber: Cucumber contains a lot of water and hence keeps your body hydrated and cool.

4. Watermelon: As the name itself suggests, watermelons too contain water and keep your body away from the summer heat. In fact, all melons are summer-friendly. You can take them in form of smoothies, salads or milkshakes.

5. Coconut water: It is no less than a super drink. It is enriched with nutrients, lowers down blood pressure, helps in digestion and keeps your body hydrated.

6. Basil seeds: Also known as sabja seeds, basil seeds are super efficient when it comes to reducing body heat. They also control sugar level, relieve you from constipation, treat acidity and are also healthy for hair and skin.

Tomatoes, avocados and berries are also super healthy indulgences to beat the heat from within.