When it comes to desserts, we have different options. Be it Indian stuff like laddoo, barfi, jalebi etc. or be it the desserts baked in west like cakes, donuts etc. Here is a range of different flavours of cakes which can easily be found or baked. As it is mostly seen that people tend to just blindly go for chocolate flavour when it comes to have cake, but No!

Not just chocolate we have plenty of flavours we can choose among and even if it is chocolate, it is not only chocolate we have many flavours in chocolate too.

So let’s just not sit and be lazy, rather we should go on and try new flavours and pleasure our taste buds.

  1. blue berry cake
  2. Lemon Cheese Cake

It is a superb cake with all together a very new taste.

Must try!

Fruit Cake

This what your mom will come running with whenever you ask! Delicious blend of nutrition and taste…  Oh wow I am loving it already!

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Now this is what I want NOW! Awesome flavours…blend of taste and

Healthy ingredients…..    Have not tried? Oh just do it right NOW!

Chocolate Truffle

A Perfect treat for the chocolate lovers….it’s the chocolate tub extremely creamy and melts as soon as a person keeps it in the mouth!!

Butterscotch Cake

If you like this flavour in ice-cream…     Must try it!

Red Velvet cake

Mouth started watering by just reading the title and seeing the picture!? Think what happens if its served right before you…Still thinking!…Go GRAB IT!!

KitKat Cake :- New into the market, Oh yes the very own KITKAT….had it in your childhood???…then go grab a cake of this flavour…crunchy and munchy chocolate..!

I think you mouth is watering already…so here let’s take a break and you go and try some of them!

Happy Cake Eating!

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