7 Easy Eyeliner Hacks Everyone should try

By Bhumika Nangia

July 27, 2017

Perfecting an eyeliner is the trickiest job. Eyeliner adds a definition to your face. But before you are practiced and have a hand on liner you must have had a hard time applying it. That desire for smokey look might have made you look like a person with punched eyes and might have turned out to be scary too. Nevermind, because here are seven easy hacks that will help you perfect your eyeliner.

1. Use dots to connect the eyeliner shape

Instead of making a line, use dots and connect them to get the shape of your liner. Do make sure that your dots aren’t big. It should be the same as that of the thickness you want for eyeliner.


2. Try applying to the harder eye first Rather than trying with the easier eye try to start with the harder and copy that one to the eye which is easier. This will help you to perfect both the eyes without turning any one of them ugly.

3. Use an eyebrow pencil to create a base line If using an eyeliner is difficult for you, use an eyebrow pencil and lightly draw the shape you want for your liner. Trace this shape with the help of an eyeliner.

4. Start with the wing first Instead of starting with the center, start with the wing. This will help in perfecting the wing and if gone wrong only a little bit of portion will need to be cleaned rather than the whole eyeliner, which happens when you start from the center or corners. 5. Create your own stencil by a thicker paper Create a stencil for wing by using a thicker paper to help you get your perfect wing.

6. Use business card or scotch tape to perfect flick

Raid some household items to help you get your perfect eyeliner. Use a scotch tape or business card to get that flick at the edges.

7. Stop watching tutorials and start experimenting By now you might have read or watched so many tips and tricks to perfect your eyeliner, it’s the time to try them now. You might turn yourself scary many times but each time you’ll perfect applying it. Practice as much as you can.

These were the 7 eyeliner hacks to make the eyeliner game strong. Try using them in order to get that perfect and desired eyeliner.