7 essentials for a healthy long-term relationship

Relationship is one of the most celebrated words that one can think of. It is also one of the most complicated things to maintain. While everyone tries to have a relationship, most forget to maintain it in the long run. Here are some major pointers to keep in mind to have a serious and healthy relationship.

Trust is mandatory

This is a term which one can find in each and every relationship article but despite it, many fail to maintain trust in their significant other. Doubting one another can, after a while, actually start to corrode a relationship and this only makes it worse. A couple must have a sense of trust amongst one another as it is the base of any successful relationship.


A good relationship works on the networks of a good communication. Opening to one another can not only make you feel better but also helps to keep the other person on the same page. If a couple does not communicate properly with one another, they will often have misunderstandings which will result in the failure of their relationship.


This comes from the love one has for the other. Respect is a consequence of love and respect is earned, not given. So expecting someone to respect you without actually putting any effort is a baseless calculation which must be erased.


It is truly the best policy and it stands even in the case of a relationship. Being true to your better half is an essential element and must not be taken for granted. There may be times when telling the truth may not seem to be the best option, but then there is always something called the ‘white lie’. Now this is not something that one must resort to all the times but it can be helpful when the lie is harmless.


This is again one of the essentials to a healthy relationship as maintaining same rules for both partners helps in keeping a check on the polarization of a relationship. Having a one-sided relationship starts decaying it overtime and it starts becoming painful for the person who is putting in more efforts.


Even though the belief of ‘opposites attract’ is true, two people must have common and shared interests to be with one another. Having similar views on finances, for example, is very crucial as many arguments in the long run are based on money issues and this can be a very bad subject to ignore.


Yes, this too is important because it is not possible that two individuals (be them friends, family, or lovers) share each and everything all the time with one another. Although good communication is mandatory like discussed above, a couple must also have some personal space for the individuals to focus on themselves.