India is all over the world, and in Hollywood too; we aren’t talking about the entrée of Bollywood heroines into the limelight of the west. What we are talking about here is the graceful nine yards- the sari, which has made inroads into the hearts and many wardrobes amongst the Hollywood biggies. Some celebrities have worn them to red carpet sagas, fashion shows, press conferences and very important events, bringing the humble saree to the forefront of world fashion. Here are a couple of celebrities who rocked the Indian saree:

Paris Hilton

Baroness and multimillionaire, Paris Hilton, she’s known for her sense of fashion, her social life and her love for singing. When she did come to India to promote her brand of luxury items, Paris was dolled up in various shades of gray by eminent designer Tarun Tahiliani in a gorgeous net saree embossed with pearls.


Rebel at heart and a true human to nature, singer Madonna embraced spiritualism at the peak of her career and renounced many ways of her life. Madonna promoted Indian art and culture, tradition and values across the world, donning a blue saree with chunky oxidized bangles and a statement neckpiece, draped casually over shoulders.

Victoria Beckham

Known for her graduate bob cut hair do and reigning the world of fashion as a diva, Victoria Beckham looks stunning in a red saree embellished with zari and zardozi karigari. The look comes complete with tong touched soft curls and a low cut square neck choli for company.

Julia Roberts

Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts caught our breath in her movie Eat, Pray, Love- her acting prowess drove home a message very strong, but when she was in India doing her part in the movie and playing counselor to an onscreen actor at her wedding, Julia sported the gujrati styled silk bordered bottle green sari with grace- pleated and draped to finesse.

Oprah Winfrey

CEO Of HARPO Inc. and famous talk show hostess Oprah Winfrey paid a visit to India, the Bachhan family and Mumbai at large, and she also was spotted twice in a saree- once at the dinner with the Bachhan’s in an orange red silk kanjeevaram, and the other time when she had to stop by at a VVIP inauguration- she wore a matte bottle green saree with a black choli. Simple, minimal and yet chic!

Selena Gomez

Hollywood beauty Selena Gomez treats her fans with her ultra-short dresses day in and day out, but this time she came clad in ‘desi look’- wearing a maroon silk sari and traditional bindi on her forehead. … She posted a picture of herself in a sari with the caption “Sari, not sari”.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga dons a saree by Tarun Tahiliani when she was here in India for Grand Prix’s inaugural. Gaga also draped the saree during her stage performance in India.