It is very worrisome when you let your thoughts and doubts take up the space in your mind. Every girl should know where her relationship is going. Even if you like him to bits, it becomes must to keep track of your emotions and feelings. Lets wrap the doubts up quickly with these questions that will help you identity what your heart really wants.

Does he respect you and your values?
If he is handling things stubbornly and pointing fingers at you everyday for something you have not done, it is time to say goodbye. If you notice any unusual behavior like verbal abuse or even physical, it is daunting. Trust me, you want to feel respected more than feel loved. Even if he doesn’t mean the words that he says, it is still wrong to say the bitter words.

Do you trust him?
Are you questioning how things can go out of place? Loving someone can be scary, but deep inside it should give reassurance that nothing can ever go wrong.

Will he be a good husband to you?
Do you want a little spot of heaven? Then he should match your expectations. Is he wise enough to handle the house, take care of you while managing other things in his life? If he is, even if you both have tough days, you can sail through the storm.

Are you doing fine with his imperfections?
Nobody is perfect. If you are comfortable with the silly thing that he does, or some habits that go way off the line, then there is no doubt that you both are a match made perfectly.

Does your thinking match his thinking?
It is very important to cover the gap of misunderstandings and problems by being on the same page. If you think differently and your views on things never match, it could lead to fights. You two will have to share everything together in future but if your ways are totally different, how could it possibly work?

Do you have fun on your dates with him?
If you experience a powerful connection with him, you will have fun on dates. This will make your life crazily amazing and this will further let you cherish all the moments that you have been spending with him.

Are you able to share your emotions with him?
Does he know when to hold you? If you don’t find him around when you need him, then you both are losing this game. You need to open up to your boyfriend and he could be your best friend throughout.

Just be patient and take the decision wisely.

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