There is surely no one in this world who knows your guy better than you. From his habits to his dirty secrets, you know it all. After all, it is you who spends most of the time with him and no one else. You have known him for years; it might be easy for you to tell about what kind of a person he is. Whether he is a bully or a shy person, you know it all.
Now that you admit that you know so much about your bae, there won’t be any difficulty in answering whether he is an attention seeker or not. But if you still find it difficult to judge, here is a list of 7 obvious signs that will clear all your doubts and make you understand whether your guy is an attention seeker or not:

1. As your guy loves attention, he will leave no chance to get it. He’ll be the only one who drinks the least amongst everyone and still act like he is completely drunk. And this is not all, he will make sure that everyone notices him. He will do all the stupid things and scream so loud that even your neighbours will wake up from their slumber on hearing his voice.

2. He feels that he should be the only one who starts every conversation. And when he realises that it was you and not him who initiated it, he completely neglects what you are saying and interrupts you in between to tell something important that they wanted to tell you for a long time. By the time they are done telling you their story, you realise that it was not so important.

3. He almost collapses when someone tries to talk about something that isn’t related him. According to him the world revolves around him. Even if has to lie about a certain thing, he will do that to make sure that he gets all the attention amongst a bunch of people. From cracking stupid jokes to doing mimicry, he will do almost anything to keep you glued.

4. You’ll have a tough time in making him listen to certain things as he is a bad listener. His facial expressions will very evidently clear it that he just wants you to finish your talking as soon as possible so that he gets the chance to speak.

5. He is often seen bombarding his social media with too many selfies. Every other day you’ll see him changing his display picture. Also, visiting a new place for him is more about letting others know about it on social media than enjoying to himself. This very clearly proves that he is an attention seeker.

6. While taking group selfies, they’ll strike some of the weirdest poses. After all their purpose in life is to stand out from the rest. Anyone can be normal, but being extra-ordinary takes some real talent, which they have got in abundance.

7. You can’t dare to watch a movie with them. They will either not let you watch it or keep interrupting with their commentaries and usual boring jokes. And just in case they have already seen that movie, he will already disclose the suspense and all you will do is only regret afterwards.

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