Dating involves loads of drama and investment of both time and energy because of which it is said to take away one’s focus from personal growth and development. Many people prefer to stay single because of this and feel that by doing so they can focus on their life goals.

While that is true in many cases, relationships do have the capability to teach us a lot about ourselves. You can look at it this way, dating could be like going to a party. You interact with people, you talk to them about their life, you come across new things and at the end of the day you learn new things from others’ experiences.

Normally, a person dates to find a person with whom they are compatible with but even if it doesn’t work out we are sure to learn a lot of things from the entire experience.

So let’s go through all the points that have secretly made us who we are.

How to compromise

We can learn this from various other relations that we have like with our family and friends but let’s not argue that dating someone is the real deal. You learn to understand the other person and adjust with their shortcomings and when they do the same for us, it works like an incentive.

Discover your defects

Our families might point out several things but we seldom listen to them. We might change ourselves for our friends to some extent but what actually forces us to mend our ways is when our significant other points them out. We try to be our best especially at the start of a relationship, we learn from the past relationships and we try to mend our ways based on all these experiences.

Interact with new people

Every time we date a new person, we come across a different personality. Some are fun to be with while the others are not our type. We learn about their life, their achievements, their inspirations and many more things. Dating someone also makes us vulnerable to that person which means that we get to express ourselves to different types of people.

Learn to share

One of the most amazing things about any relationship is that we share. They could be our thoughts, our things, our time or even our pasts. It is rightly said that sharing is caring because when we start caring about someone, we start sharing whatever we can.


Two can be a team, why not? Once we are with our partner, we feel like we are a team together. It is teamwork that makes a relationship going and that’s what we unconsciously learn from every one of our relationships.

Making memories

While we make memories with each and every person that’s in our life, we cannot stop doing the same with our partner. There are many times when we remember the memories more than remembering the person we shared them with. Memories have such a close place in our hearts and we constantly keeping working towards making more.

Learn to go outside the comfort zone

There are several times where we go out of our limits for our partners. It could be when we have to hide it from our parents or when we want to do something special for them. Whether it is love or not, being in a relationship definitely gives us the courage to step outside our comfort zones and learn to take risks.

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