7 reasons why you should choose to be SINGLE

Single or committed? You choose anything you wish to but here we give you a few benefits of being single. Have a look:



Who wants to stay up so late and just wait to wish your partner goodnight? Remember, sleep is love.


And when you are single, you save yourself from paying that big amount for mobile bills. No more holes in your pocket!

You don’t get to answer stupid questions like why you were on another call for an hour or why you slept late that night. Otherwise, in a relationship, you have to have a reason for every other things you do.

No valentine gifts, no surprise dates, no birthday parties! You save it all and your wallet has more money as compared to your other friends who are in a relationship.

You have an open ground just in front of you. You have so many options to look out for. No restrictions on whom you see or talk to.

It is all your time. When in a relationship, you have to give all your focus on your partner. But not when you are single! You have all the freedom to use your time your way.

Also, no use of words like ‘bae’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘baby’, ‘love’.