Forehead kiss is something which makes the heart melt out with joy. Imagine looking into each other’s eyes and when he bends forward to kiss your forehead making you feel adorable. It feels so special especially to any girl when her man kisses her forehead. It relaxes all those butterflies in the stomach and makes a girl feel wanted and secure with him.
Here are seven reasons why kisses on the forehead are much romantic than kisses on lips or cheeks.

1. Shows an emotional connection
Forehead kiss is all about emotions. It’s about someone’s affection towards you. Forehead kisses signifies their emotional connection with you. It’s something someone does to show that they are emotionally connected to you.

2. It makes you feel loved
They show their commitment by this gesture. They inculcate a feeling of loving you by doing this. It’s a quick way to show that he appreciates you. It shows a deeper connection and makes you feel special.

3. It’s a generous display of affection
Forehead kissing is a beautiful expression of love. It creates affection and can strengthen your bond. They are subtle but so heart touching.
4. It’s a sign of respect
Kisses on the forehead is actually a form of respect he offers to you signifying he simply doesn’t only wants your body. He adores you and wants to be with you.
Someone who’s there for one-night stand won’t be kissing your forehead.

5. It shows that he is protective
The forehead kiss signifies that he is protective of you. He sweetly kisses you there to show you that you are secure with him and he is proud to have you.

6. It’s an unspoken promise to keep you forever
Guys only show this gesture to the one they love and care about. It’s not a common thing they will do for anyone. A forehead kiss signifies that he wishes to with you for a long time and wants to keep you forever.

7. He loves you
Forehead kiss is the slightest of the gestures which ensure that he is in love with you. Unlike kissing other parts like lips or cheeks which any guy does to his girl, forehead kissing is way deeper and romantic gesture that can make any girl smile.

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