Being friends with your ex might seem a good idea since you will somehow be in their life. Letting go of your past relationship isn’t easy. Breaking up with someone is hard and moving on is harder. Staying in touch with your ex is more like staying in the past which ultimately will hold you to move on in life.

Here are seven reasons why you shouldn’t stay in touch with your ex.

1. Flashbacks all the time
Surely, you guys will be talking about things you had experienced together. You will get flashbacks of the moments you spent with each other and will ultimately start missing those memories. You will miss every single thing and will have a desire of experiencing those again and recreating them.

2. There will be Mixed Feelings
Even after breaking up with them, you will still stay confused about your decision of letting go or trying harder. It will always give you mixed feelings and won’t give you a clear picture to make your decision.

3. Will certainly affect your love life
Post breaking with him, if you are still in touch with your ex, it will certainly affect your current relationship with your partner. Out of nowhere misunderstandings will take place between you and your partner, and will complicate the things for you. It’s better to avoid staying in touch if you don’t want any setbacks in your new relationship.

4. Will affect your personal space
It’s necessary to stay away from the person you broke since you need some space to heal. Staying with them is going to affect your personal space as it won’t let you give up and will keep your mind occupied with their thoughts.

5. One of you will always think about getting back together
There’s definitely going to be one of you who will be expecting more and is still in a hope of getting back together. Staying as friends with your ex, gives them a false hope and will ultimately stop them from moving on in their lives. It’s better to break all connections so as to avoid giving them any hopes or creating expectations.

6. They will eventually give up on you
Some or the other day, one of you is going to give up and that will hurt you hard. Instead of going through that feeling, it’s better to quit beforehand.
If they wanted to be with you, they hadn’t broken up. It’s wise if you distance yourself or else they might end up hurting you again.

7. You will feel better when you’ll get over with them
It’s really going to be a sense of achievement if you are over them. You will feel good and emotionally stronger than before. You’ll make a better choice now in deciding the right one for you and your ex won’t matter you now. Giving up on him will add to your self-respect.

It’s hard to move on if you had been in a long and serious relationship. But if you decide and make up your mind and try every possible thing to stay away from him in order to move on, it will definitely come to your benefit.

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