At times when you date someone, you really have no clue whether this guy or girl whom you are dating is right for you or not.

One should never rush into a relationship haphazardly. It takes forever to commit to someone. A real relationship only requires enough efforts from both the partners and they don’t have to force the relationship to work.

No matter how healthy your relationship is, it is very important to know whether your partner is the only one that you were looking for. Does she make you feel the way you always wanted to? Is she with you because she truly loves you or for a short term commitment?

Here are a few signs that can tell that your girlfriend is the right one for you:

1) She takes efforts for you

A relationship only works well when both the partners put in equal efforts to keep that bonding alive. It is a blessing to have a girlfriend who puts in enough efforts to communicate with you, know you better and make you feel extraordinarily special. If you have one such girl, never let her go.

2) She understands you well

She won’t fight with you over petty issues. She understands you when you are keeping busy. A girl who understands you and your feelings well, can always keep up a healthy relationship. She can easily guess what can enlighten your mood on a bad day.

3) She is always there when you need her

You always have her back when you need her. Tell her that you’re in trouble and she’s already there. She’s not one of those who make excuses in your bad times when you need constant support. No matter how busy her schedule is, she still takes out time for you when you are low.

4) She sees a future with you

She never refrains from talking about the future. She is so into you that she is sure to spend her life with you. There are only a few girls who believe in settling with a guy in future. Others just make fool of innocent people in a commitment that they themselves can’t live upto. If your girl talks about future and includes you in it, then there is a great chance that she truly loves you.

5) She inspires you to reach your goals

She never gets tired of motivating you to work hard and always helps you to live up to your dreams. She won’t even mind sacrificing her own needs to help you reach your aspirations. When you know that your girl believes in you and your capabilities, it becomes easier for you to make your dream come true.

6) She loves you for who you are

She is well-versed with your imperfections since the very first day she got into a relationship with you. She could have left you already if she had problem with your living lifestyle or your behaviour. But she accepted you for who you are. Also, she doesn’t want you to change for her because she loves you just the way you are. When a person truly loves you, he or she accepts all your positive and negative qualities.  So if your girl is not like others who behave in an unacceptable manner and fail to accept their life partner as their original self, hold onto her.

7) She gives you enough personal space

She understands it well that all your free time is not her time. She only expects you to take out some time from your busy schedule to be with her. But when you demand her to give you your space, she won’t hesitate. In order to grow, a relationship not just needs togetherness but space as well.

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