It is easy to hang out with a guy and share a small talk but when it comes to understanding him and his intentions, it gets a little tough. One minute it seems that he is totally into you and the other minute it seems he is so not interested in you. Are you also finding it hard to know if a guy is attracted to you? Scroll down and quickly navigate through the list given below.


  • He finds reasons to hang around you



Guys don’t waste their time on someone they are not interested in. If a guy takes an effort to spend all of his free time with you, there is a great chance that he is attracted to you. He never minds walking an extra mile for you till the time you are by his side. While casual daters may prefer taking you out for a movie or a dinner date, he prefers to go out for grocery shopping because this way the two of you can spend more time together by shopping and making a dish together.


  • He showers you with compliments


He will leave no chance to compliment you. From that new dress to your shiny eyes and your long brown hair to your luscious lips, he notices it all and bombards you with compliments for almost anything and everything. He can easily make out when you have got a new haircut and when you have not. And no matter how pathetic you look in that new haircut of yours, he has still got the skills to make you believe that it suits you with his compliments. It’s not that he is trying to be cheesy.


  • He tries to touch you


If you start feeling that he is trying to make little bit of physical contact with you every now and then, it is possible that he is into you. Some of the gestures like holding your hand in the middle of a conversation, patting your back, resting hands on your shoulder, pouring you with a lot of hugs and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, clearly prove that he is attracted to you.


  • He listens to what you have to say


Like other guys he won’t ignore what you are telling him or pretend that he is listening to you even when he isn’t. He would pay complete attention everytime you have something to say to him and would always respect your opinion. No matter how irrelevant it is for him to listen to your office drama, he would still listen to every single word you say and remember it. Also, when it comes to important topics like your interests, past experiences and family, his ears are all open.



  • He grooms himself well


No guy would put an extra effort into his appearance until and unless there is some solid reason behind it. And one of the reasons could be to impress a girl. If a guy is constantly making efforts to look his best when he is around you, there is a great possibility that he is trying hard to impress you. Before meeting you, He would fix his hair; wear your favorite cologne or a shirt of your favorite colour just to catch hold of your eyes.  Be it in intelligence or in looks, he wants to make sure that you rank him no. 1



  • He stands close to you


It is not a big deal to determine whether a guy is attracted to you or not. The distance at which he is standing next to you says it all. If a guy tries to stand or sit closer to you while talking to you in comparison to other guys, there is a great chance that he is trying to get comfortable with you and build a more intimate relationship with you. But if he backs away when you try to make the first move, it is quite obvious that he is not interested in you and is not ready for any sort of intimate touches.


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