7 Signs he’s losing interest in you

By Bhumika Nangia

July 27, 2017

It feels worse when the guy you have heart for starts losing his feelings for you and distances himself from you. And if anything like this happens, you try harder to bring him back which at times pushes him away faster. If something like this happens, it’s better to talk to him about this. Here are 7 signs that will help you realize is he losing interest in you?

• He doesn’t update you He is least interested in telling you about his day abouts. How has his day been ? Where will he go tomorrow? little things which he used to share with you has completely faded now. He no longer cares to keep you updated about himself.


• Highly casual replies Casual replies such as ‘hm’, ‘k’, ‘good’, ‘yes’, ‘no’ are the replies which he uses now often. He might give an excuse that he was busy, but if this is the case every now and then, its time for you to open your eyes.

• He gets angry at small issues He just makes a point to fight with you even on the smallest topics. He easily gets irritated because of you and doesn’t even care about you being hurt.



• Late replies Even though he is online, he chooses to reply others prior than you. The message you sent in the morning gets its reply in afternoon or evening or at times doesn’t bother to reply at all. This is the sure sign that he is kinda trying to avoid you and is distancing himself from your virtual presence.

• Doesn’t answer your calls Same as avoiding those text messages, he now makes a point to avoid your phone calls even.

• Cancels the date plans He cancels the date plans and meetings by giving foolish excuses and somehow makes a point to avoid them.

• He asks for more space Guys give this extremely common excuse that they aren’t avoiding you, they just need some space. Unless you have been too clingy if he says so, you need to understand that the lovie dovie things have faded between you guys and he is losing interest in you.

If a guy is showing these signs, stop fooling yourself and talk to him about how are you. If he takes your stress seriously and tries to change to make you feel better, really appreciable. If not, then instead of him pushing you away, you push him away.