Sometimes, we get so blinded in love that we become oblivious to the wrong things happening in the relationship. Because we are so madly and deeply in love, we also ignore the fact that we are actually dating a wrong person who is mentally abusing us in the name of love.

But trust me, choosing to live in a mentally abusive relationship is the worst thing you can do to yourself. If you can relate to the below mentioned signs, it is high time for you to make a move. Either escape or get it sorted.

You are too afraid: You are at that stage that you are too cautious about the things you do even in your day-to-day life. You keep wondering about how your partner will react to your move or words. Everything you do is only after being sure that your partner will be cool with it. And that’s a very sad state. You lose out on your own wishes and desires. The only thing that rules over you is your partner’s reaction to it.

You don’t understand your partner: At one moment, he or she is very loving, caring and romantic. But after a day or two, your partner is an absolute contrasting personality who lashes out at you for no reason or hurls hateful things and refuses to trust you. His dual personality is way too complex to be understood. If you want to help, you can take them to a psychologist.

They want to completely control your life: Dominance is one usual personality trait. But as they, too much of everything is dangerous, thus similar is the case with dominance as well. There are some over-dominating people who consider partner as their property that they own, and seek to keep control on their every decision. In this condition, the victim partner is forced to act according to their partner’s say. And this may apply even for very basic things like hanging out with friends. And they will feel that you need their permission to go out or take decisions.

Appreciation? What’s that?: You can’t simply remember the last time when your partner gushed you with a few words of appreciation. No matter what you do, you partner is all the time complaining and ranting about you. They do not respect your self-esteem and are always on a spree to prove you wrong.

They demean you personally and also put you down in front of others. Such people are so self obsessed that they do not even care about your dreams, aspirations and career.
But remember, you deserve better than that! It is not your problem, but theirs.

Extremely Possessive: Trust is a word that doesn’t exist in their dictionary. An emotionally abusive partner is always insecure for their other half. So much insecurity is instilled within them that they do not even trust their own partner whom they love. They would make frequent calls to keep a check on you with whom and where you are. In the name of transparency, they demand passwords of your social media accounts to indirectly keep a check on your social media activities and personal chats with your friends.

Physical Abuse: If they take cue of slap or hurtful pinch to express their anger, you better not stay with them. Got it?

‘Everything will be fine’: This is the line you keep telling to yourself. You are so madly and deeply in love with him, that even after bearing all this, you sense a ray of hope. But trust me, it is only a lie you are using to console yourself. But it is not gonna be alright. It is THE TIME to take a move and get out of this toxic relationship before it is too late.

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