Valentine week is riding on with full fervor. While happy couples are going all mushy, celebrating typical days like rose day, propose day and chocolate day, there are singles, all sad for they do not have the partners to celebrate this cheesy time with. But yeah, then there are the best people (maybe), like me, single and happy! 😉


What makes the ‘happily single’ people happy is, these 7 points mentioned below. You might also relate to these points if you are currently struggling to handle relationship and failing hard at it. So, check it out, if relationships are meant for your or not…errr…if you are meant for relationships or not!

You hate giving justifications: As soon as a partner enters your life, you have to be answerable. You have to justify so many things like why did you stay at your friend’s place for so long, why was your phone off/busy, what made you so late to reach home, and the list goes on! You just believe in living the moment and doing things as your heart says.

You love your own company: People might call you a ‘loner’ all the time but nothing stops you from enjoying your company. Be it intra-personal conversations that keep running in your head or your music/book reading time; you direly love and need your ‘Me’ time with adequate dosage. And in relationships, the personal space vanishes away. Isn’t it?


You are enough loved by your friends and family: Your family and set of close friends is so dear to you and they love you so much that you do not feel the need to have a partner. You are just so satisfied with the love you already have.

You hate waking up till late hours at night: You wonder how your friends compromise their sleep just to talk to their girlfriends/boyfriends till late hours of night. Your love for anyone can never go beyond for the love you already have for sleeeeeeeeeep.

You’re Workaholic: You are the one with high ambitions and simply love your work. You would rather love completing your presentation than getting mushy and do some cheesy romantic stuff. Moreover, you are too busy in your life to give time to a new person.

You have had disastrous relationships before: Yes, just like every other normal person, you too have been in relationships, but they ended awfully.



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