We all fantasize about love and finding someone whom we could fall in love with. Everyone enjoys the idea but not all wish to have it in real life. While there could be some who are set on their journey to find that special someone, there are others who just want it to be a part of their imagination. So if you don’t really know which one of them are you, then keep on reading to get a closure whether you’re scared of commitment or not.

  • Being with that one person. Forever



Sometimes the thought of spending the rest of your life with that one person can become an issue for some, but does it really have to? You don’t change your parents because you’ve had the same set since you can remember, then why your partner?


  • Had bad experiences in the past

Yes, bad experiences can ruin things but you need to understand that not all experiences can be bad. Plus, you always learn from experiences good or bad so it’s a win-win situation. Try focussing on the positives and you will yourself see that commitments are not that awful.


  • You feel vulnerable

When you are into someone, you automatically turn vulnerable. Now this can mean that you are more emotionally exposed and the chances that you might get hurt, if thing don’t work out, increase. But then again do not let the fear of losing keep you from playing the game.


  • You lose self-focus

Being in a relationship demands a lot of time and effort and there could a possibility that you are just not willing to do all that because you need to give yourself all that focus. Relationships can distract you but there are a number of occasions where your partner can motivate you and push you to do better.


  • You lose independence

There are many people who have this complain of not being able to make decisions on their own. They feel like it’s a burden to keep the other person informed about everything and making sure that they are okay with it.


  • Fear of not being on the same page

Some people have this fear of moving a step further in their relationship but their partner being stagnant. Nobody wants get hurt especially from someone whom they care about and really like but think about it this way, you can always look for signs which will tell you whether they are there with you or not. Otherwise, you can just confront them and if they really care about you, they will understand and will still stick around.


  • Fear of making mistakes

We all make mistakes whether it be our first or thirtieth relationship. To err is human, so if you feel like you would end up doing something that will scare away the other person, then this is not something you should fear and keep you from dating. The whole point of having a relationship is that both of you are there with each other no matter what.

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