Being trapped in a relationship is like being in a torture chamber. You cannot bear anymore tortures but at the same time, you cannot leave. One can be trapped for various reasons like emotional obligations, low self-esteem or the fear of being alone. Whatever be the reason, but being with someone whom you want to break-free from is mentally frustrating.

Here are some signs that will indicate whether you are trapped in a relationship or not.

You are unhappy

This is an obvious sign that things are not going well. A relationship is all about the excitement and fun and if you feel none of those anymore, you need to check the functioning of your relationship. However, there is a difference between it being a phase and it being a long-term situation. Every relationship goes through dips at some time but then it goes back to being happy. On the other hand, if you feel your relationship is driving you crazy and you have tried everything to repair it, then you might be trapped in it.

You feel like time has stopped

You resent him and being with him seems like forever. You don’t want to spend a second longer with him. While other couples cannot wait to be with one another, you have your eyes glued to the clock hoping time passes by quickly. If you feel like spending time with him is a punishment, you are definitely over him.

You don’t feel like yourself

One of the main reasons is that you don’t feel like you can express yourself in the relationship. When you cannot voice your opinion, you seem to lose your identity. Even your family and friends start noticing the change in your personality with criticism. While people do change when they are with someone new, no relationship is supposed to make you feel like a lifeless soul.

Your partner emotionally blackmails you

You might have collected the courage to talk to your partner about your feelings but instead of understanding you, they start emotionally trapping you by crying or going into depression. While it is good to be supportive, you should realise that if you are over the relationship then staying in it is only going to make things worse in the future.

Your partner is abusive

This is the worst situation where you choose to stay only because the other person is emotionally and physically intimidating. If you feel like your partner tortures or abuses you in any way, you should go seek some serious professional help. Approach a domestic violence support group or the police to make sure you get out of this abusive relationship without being tortured.

You have started seeing other people

If you have already started going out with other people or talking to them romantically then you have mentally moved on from your relationship. It is a clear sign that you no longer consider your partner’s feelings and that you have completely lost interest in them.

You see a future without him

Seeing a future without him means that you do not want to be with him anymore and spending more time in this relationship is not going to help. You must think the situation out and have a word with him as it will only get worse by time.

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