Post-breakups can sometimes be more difficult than the actual breakups in some cases. It could be because a relationship was ended with both people still having feelings for one another or one of them cheated on the other. There could be several cases where post-breakups can become intolerable.

A similar case could involve one being jealous of their ex. You might not come in terms with the fact but if you do the following, chances are that you are jealous of them.


  • You can’t see them with anyone else

If find yourself not comfortable with them hanging out with others then you are clearly jealous of them. A person who is over their ex will not be bothered with the fact that they are seeing others. You must try to make peace with the fact that since you both have broken up, maybe it’s time for you to get over them.


  • You stalk them and their partners

Jealousy can be ironic, Even if you are not comfortable with seeing your ex happy and already moving on from you, you will still try to keep up with their personal life. You will internet stalk them and see where are they taking their dates, how serious is it and then even stalk their date. If you want more details, you just follow them around.


  • You bad mouth them in front of your friends

You will leave no chance to show that your ex is the worst person on the planet. You will talk about their bad habits, about what a jerk they were and continue showing them in a bad light for as long as you want.


  • You try to show that you are better

If you get a chance to talk to them, you will try to tell them how happy you are without them and how great life is treating you. If they talk about their share of success, you will just try to one-up.


  • You make your friends do all the dirty work

If you are trying to be a chill ex who is over the breakup despite not actually being over it, you set your friends on a task to stalk your ex. You make sure that you get every single update on your ex’s life by not exposing this side of yours to others.


  • You just can’t stand their success

Their success is the worst nightmare for you. Even outside their dating life, you don’t want them to succeed or have a happy life. You just hope that they face as many struggles as possible and realise what a catch you were who made things easy for them.


  • You showcase even your smallest achievements

Even if you have the smallest of successes in your life, you will make it look like it was all you ever wanted in life. You put it on your social media hoping for them to see your achievements and getting jealous. You might even make sure that there are ample comments and likes on you photos and statuses to show that there are many people out there who love you and adore you.

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