Gone are the days when people would wake up lazily, brewed themselves a cup of joe and relax by their patio before beginning their day. Today, the life is rushed. Forget getting a morning coffee, people often don’t have time to grab breakfast. Keeping the time constraint in mind, we have compiled an effective, healthy and Ayurveda-approved morning routine you must follow to ensure that you start the day on a healthy and productive note.


Step 1: Wake Up Early

We know how torturous that sounds and you are already thinking of quitting. But read on. According to Ayurveda, the best time to wake up in the morning is two hours before the sunrise. This time give your body to wake up fully and re-energize before starting off the day. It won’t be possible for anyone to change their sleep cycle in a day. But over time, if you try every day, you can wake up early in the morning.


Step 2: Wash Your Face With Cool Water

The first thing that you must do after waking up is splashing your face with cool water. It makes your face and eyes wake up and leaves you refreshed. If you do this regularly, your skin will begin to clear up and shine naturally. But make sure the water is just cool. Not too cold, not too hot. Either will damage your skin.


Step 3: Bowel Movements

No, it isn’t gross to discuss bowel movements and yes, it is very vital to have clear and regular bowel movements every day. If you defecate early in the morning, it ensures that your body gets rid of toxins and wasteful materials. This will ultimately lead to a healthy, happy and productive day ahead.


Step 4: Proper Teeth Brushing

At this point, it might seem to you that this morning routine is a step-by-step guide for little kids to follow every morning. Well, we agree. While we all do brush our teeth every day, it is crucial to understand how essential it is to brush teeth properly and scrape the surface of the tongue every morning and night before going to bed. This ensures oral hygiene and dental health. Some things to keep in mind: Toothbrush bristles should be soft but not distorted and your toothpaste must be bitter with a hint of sweetness.


Step 5: Gargle

What follows after brushing your teeth, is gargle. It is not only good for curing cough. It also helps in cleaning gums and tongue. It also helps in clearing your throat.


Step 6: Oiling & Moisturising

Ayurveda lays a special emphasis on oiling your body every morning. Alternatively, you can use moisturizer but oils are the best. Essentially, oiling must be done before taking a bath. Sometimes it is not possible to do oiling every day. In that case, one can do it twice or thrice a week.


Step 7: Exercise

It goes without saying that exercising daily is a must. If you start your day with light stretching and exercising, you tend to be more attentive and refreshed throughout the day. Taking a morning walk is also a great option to take in the fresh morning air. It takes out the laziness and sluggishness out of the system.