It’s said looks don’t matter, your persona does. Not all men are inclined towards good looking women. They look for some other better things to impress them. Here are the 7 things men love in women which are above good looks.

1. A good listener
Most men love ladies who are good listeners. Trust me, men have great stuff to share. They at times just feel like you won’t be interested to know so they back out from sharing those with you. Be a good listener and pay attention to what he says. Show him that you are there to listen to him whenever he needs you. He’s certainly going to feel good about it.

2. Foodie
Guys actually get irritated when you go to lunch or some date and order just Lil bit food or are overly conscious since it will add to your weight. They love to eat and most of them are hardcore foodies and love it their girls are foodie too so they can accompany them to the restaurants.

3. A good cook
Another usual thing guys love but you won’t hear them accepting this. It kinda impresses any guy if his girl can cook well. ‘ A man’s way to his heart goes through the stomach’, right? He loves when you cook something good especially for him.

4. Caring
Guys act like they don’t like being cared and show that they can keep good care of them all by themselves. But this isn’t the case. All guys are actually more or less mumma’s boy. They love to get that sweet affection and care. It makes them feel good and pampered. So even if your guy asks you not to show too much care for him, just don’t accept it.

5. Funny
Who doesn’t love to laugh? Guys actually love if their girl can make them laugh. They feel happy about it and love to laugh aloud with you. Good sense of humour can really attract guys.

6. Taking care of herself
Messy hair, chipped nails, unclean clothes – no guy appreciates it. They love it when you take good care of yourselves. Keep your self well groomed and clean. In fact, guys love when you look clean and smell good.

7. Confident
Okay, no guy loves a timid, shy quiet girl. Movies though witness love making with shy girls but actually this isn’t in reality. They love girls who are cheerful and confident and can take stand for themselves. Guys hate it when girls crib over small things. It really makes an amazing impact on men if you are a confident person.

8. Keeping it Natural at times
He doesn’t wish to see you in makeup each time you meet. Sometimes all he wishes to see the real you, the natural you. natural beauty attracts guys. Your clean skin without makeup is actually something he will love to see.

9. Tomboyish sometimes
They love their girls simply dropping the girly persona and acting like boys at times. Playing video games with them, discussing cars, movies or something of boyish interests. Guys really love when you drop your girliness and become a dude with them.

Guys aren’t much complicated.
If your looks stop you from trying a guy, just show him your best side as confidently as possible and winning him won’t be difficult !

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