Absence makes the heart grow fonder but long distance relationships are the trickiest things in the world. They keep you and your significant other thousands of miles apart and you hardly get to meet each other. There is more amounts of hard work and dedication expected from both the partners. Your definition of date nights are mostly confined to video chats and long phone calls. But despite all these obstacles, there are some perks of being in a long distance relationship that we secretly enjoy but often forget to cherish. Here’s a list of some if those.

  • You know each other perfectly well in a shorter time

Long distance relationships are mostly confined to staying in touch via the technology and meeting one another after weeks (maybe months). You and your partner are on calls the entire time and this obviously opens the portal to both of your inner thoughts. You both know each other’s past stories, present situations and sometimes you even know what your partner is thinking at the moment. You both develop a sense of understanding all thanks to constant messaging and calls.

Meeting one another makes the long absences worth it

This is one of the sweetest rewards in long distance relationships where meeting your partner after weeks can only make you feel like the happiest person in the world. Everything becomes ten times sweeter and pleasant when you look into your partner’s eyes and hug them after so long.

Getting constant messages throughout the day

This is something more specific to a long distance relationship. Being in a close distance relationship, you rely more on meeting each other but in long distance messaging one another is the sole way of keeping in touch and getting updates on one another.

P.S. this also makes the close distance couples jealous at times.

You have an emotional understanding

You both are well aware of one another. You know what the other likes, what makes them sad, how to make up with them after a fight. You two are just on top of it. It makes it even better when they know the different layers that you have. They understand your mood swings and go with the flow without making it a big deal. They don’t get upset with you if you want to vent or want some personal time. They know that after half an hour you’ll be back to normal and this secretly makes you feel more comfortable with them.

You trust them with their advice

This is a very natural consequence to knowing each other in such depth. Since you both have a developed understanding and they know you so well, their advice will automatically start making sense to you. This could be on your behaviour or even on your fashion sense. After a while, you start feeling dependent on them for their opinion on everything.

Long distances make you stronger as a couple

Despite the problem of distance, there are many couples who get stronger within this time. This happens because long distance is one of the most difficult of times and surpassing it is like achieving a huge milestone in your relationship. This helps build a stronger foundation for the two of you.

You still have time to focus on yourself

Even after being in a relationship, long distances give you an edge to have time for yourself. You can still focus on your work and hobbies that you need time for. Close distance relationship couples usually face this problem as they spend more time with each other and are unable to spare time to do anything else.

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