With the advent of social media, more and more people are seen updating about their whereabouts and adopting the trend of sharing their personal information out in public. While it’s very normal to post about your relationship on social media occasionally, but flooding your friend’s newsfeed with intimate pictures of you and your partner, every other minute is definitely a bad idea.

Some details about your relationship needs to be kept private. Scroll down and take a quick look on these seven things that you should refrain from posting about your relationship on social media:

  • Your partner’s personal information

Before uploading anything personal on the social media, make sure that you have taken permission from your partner. While you might think that it is cute to upload your partner’s creepy picture on the internet, but there is a chance that he or she gets completely offended with that. This is why it is better to either take permission before hand or just keep things to yourself.

  • Your partner’s hot pictures that were meant just for you

This should be the last thing that you should do on social media. Sharing your partner’s recent sultry picture, out in open is nothing to feel great about. There was a reason why that picture was sent to you in person. By doing this, you are only inviting more competition for yourself and eventually reducing the chances of your relationship to last for long.

  • Details of your latest fight with your partner

Every relationship goes through a lot of ups and downs. People fight and then get back together.

But one thing that you should definitely not do after a massive fight with your bae is share the details of your fight on your social media. When the fight was just between the two of you, then it should logically not enter the ears of any other third party. This will only complicate your relationship and prove how stupid you are.

  • Cosy selfies with your partner

Everyone gets clicked in those mushy poses with their better halves. But not everyone chooses to share it on their social media account. There is no point of bombarding your friends’ newsfeed with all these lovey-dovey pictures of you and your partner. For once, they might even like it and go ahead to write down a cute comment, but after a few days they too will block or unfriend you.  

  • Flaunting expensive gift that your partner recently gifted you

This one is a big No! We completely understand that your partner is a very loving person and that he or she doesn’t leave a single chance to surprise you with some of the most expensive gifts. But showing off these presents publicly is something you should never ever do. This is a big mistake. Your partner gifted you this expensive present because he or she could afford it. But we are sure that not everyone, who sees your post on your social media, can afford it.

  • Announcing about your breakup

At times, when things go wrong between you and your partner, you often end up breaking up with them. And just after the breakup, declaring it in public or changing your status to single is not something that a sane person is expected to do. You should rather give it another chance and try to fix things between you and your partner

  • Passive-aggressive comments about your partner’s ex

Your partner only decided to get into a relationship with you after breaking up with his or her ex. And there’s surely some reason behind that breakup. Don’t try to trash-talk about your partner’s ex when you know that everything has got over between the two of them. This will only show how insecure you are and also leave your relationship at risk.

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