Be it a relationship or singlehood, they both have some pleasure and pain to offer. Who doesn’t want to have someone by their side through thick and thin, loving them unconditionally? Well, deep inside we all do but at times, it does get annoying and sickens us. At times we just want to be on our own and fly solo.

1. Better social life

We all have to cut down our social lives and devote more time to our partners. Yes, sometimes when you post a picture or a comment on any social media site it can be misconstrued and might lead to complications. But when you are single you can post whatever you want to and be friends with whoever you wish to.


2. More time for yourself
Isn’t ‘me time’ what all we need at times? Between all those fights and cuddling sessions, sometime we do need a break to focus on ourselves and do things to build our personalities as an individual. Sadly, it’s hard to get it.

3. More money
Spending too much on fancy dates and dinners costs too much. No matter how much we pocket money we get or how much our salary is, it just wouldn’t be enough.
And oh, how could we possibly forget about the gifts on ever damn occasion?

4. Master of your own will
Going where you want, eating where you like. Doesn’t it sound perfect? Well, while being in a relationship you have to care and consider what the other person wants and alter your plans accordingly. But don’t we just want to live free and do crazy shit, ALONE.

5. Less of emotional drama
Sleepless nights, oh we all have experienced them.  Staying up all night because you guys had a fight, over what? Over where to go for the next date? Dayumm, too much drama to handle.
No matter how much sacrifices you make and what you do, it just wouldn’t be enough. Being single is great, less drama more peace.

6. No jealousy

A little jealousy and insecurity are healthy for a relationship but when they get over the board. Trust me, it sucks.
Being bonded and staying under someone’s grip might just be exhausting.

7. No guilt
You can check out some hot and cute guys , but without guilt. Who here doesn’t like to discover new options and horizons? We’re just too guilty to admit it 😉

But hey, don’t forget the grass is always greener from the other side. You might just need to reconsider you opinions.

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