Road trip isn’t just taking out your car and hitting the road anymore, it is much more than that. For it to be perfect, you need to plan before hand. They are the most under rated thing ever. They aren’t just much more adventurous, you also save some bucks if you take a road trip. From deciding the destination to checking the conditions of the roads, there are a lot of things to be thought about before leaving for a road trip. Here are 7 tips that are definitely going to make your road trips more awesome!

1. Make a plan
We aren’t talking about planning for every other step you’re going to take. Make a plan for the important stuff like places where you’re going to sleep each night. Your plans can always be interrupted by traffic, fuel and other such things so never make complicated plans. Keep it simple and enjoy whatever comes your way.

2. Always pack light
Since you’ve a lot of space in your car you’ll take thousands of things to eat and drink with you. Well, you aren’t completely wrong but if you want to collect rare things on the way, you need to pack light. Do it so that you won’t regret not buying something because of less space.

3. Take an actual map with you.
Google maps is easy to use but it is definitely going to be more fun if you use the directions and track your progress on an actual map. Being old school for a while isn’t going to cost you anything.

4. Don’t drive at night
There are two reasons why you should always ride by sunrise and park by sunset. First, you beat the traffic by hitting the road earlier than the daily commuters. Second, according to a survey, accidents are four times likelier to happen during night and you obviously don’t want to have one.

5. Give everything a try
You don’t know when you’ll visit a place again. So, if you see something that catches your eye, go for it. Follow those weird billboards that say “Free Ice cream samples this way”, “Meet the world’s tallest man”. Only if it doesn’t seem creepy, of course.

6. Locals Over Reviews
Reviews and all are good but asking locals is always the best. Eight out of ten times, a local will show you a place to eat that is going to be tastier, cheaper and cooler. They know the best spots and well most people give travellers a good welcome so no need to worry.

7. Don’t forget good music
Music and roads always go together. You are going to have a plenty of time to listen to music on your trip. Download all the good songs and keep listening to the local radio as well, you might discover some really great songs.

Happy road tripping!