7 ultimate clothing tips for skinny girls!

In the world of obese, skinny people struggle hard to get attention. While most of the fashion magazines are full of styling tips for over-weight people, the skinny lot is often ignored. Clothing is one real herculean task for such people. Moreover, to find the right fitting is yet another impossible-seeming task.

But here we bring to you 7 golden clothing tips that you must follow in order to look your best!

Loose clothes are a big No! – In the quest to look a bit healthier, skinny people end up wearing loose and baggy clothes. It doesn’t serve the purpose at all rather makes you look like you’ve borrowed clothes from big brother.

Get it fit: To find the right fitting clothes usually never happens in a skinny person’s life. More often, even the smallest of sizes are too big. In the case, do not wear those attire as it is, rather get them altered from a tailor.

Fake curves with Peplum: Most of the dresses do not suit the skinny body frame at all. Wearing peplum tops and dresses add curves and give an illusion of shape.

Chill with frills: Frilling is yet another style that adds volume to your otherwise lean body. So this is definitely a hit style for you!

Improve your jeans game: Jeans are a staple part of every girl’s life. Skinny people can go for skinny jeans but should avoid ultra-skinny ones. Bootlegger jeans can also be pulled off well however, boyfriend jeans will make you look very baggy!

Horizontal is the key: Avoid wearing vertical stripes and welcome some horizontal striped tops in your wardrobe.

Bid bye-bye to Black: Over-weight people wear black to look slim! Now you know, why you need to avoid black! 😉