Every girl deserve to have a good boyfriend. Every one has some qualities and some flaws, its silly to say that ‘ i am perfect’. It takes soo much of time to search for a good boyfriend but still we don’t find all the qualities in him which we want. There are so many boyfriends who want to be Mr perfect for there girlfriend but they need some good advices and tips to be a good boyfriend.

Here are some tips for those boys who are putting all the possible efforts to become a good partner.

1 You should be a good communicator. You should communicate with your girlfriend so that she can feel comfortable with you and can share all her problems with you without any hesitation.

2 You should be romantic enough to make your girlfriend feel special. Your romanticism can make your relationship stronger and long lasting. Your roamntic nature will always make your girl impressed.

3 You should show interest in her life. Listen what your girlfriend is telling you about her day or about her friends. If you will show interest in her life she will feel good and she will also show interest in your life too.

4 Don’t try to change her habits, try to accept her as she is because you loved her for what she is not for what you want to make her. If you will try to change her it can ruin your relationship also.

5 Always respect her, never abuse her physically or mentally. Always protect her from outsiders. It will make your image more good in front of your girl and as well as in her parents eyes also.

6 Never stop her to build her career. Support her in every decision she makes and wherever she is wrong stop her there. You are together because you need each other so you have to support each other in every phase of life.

7 Never force her for anything specially for physical relation. if you both are ready than only go for it

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