There are times in a relationship where one of you needs a motivational boost. Women are usually very open and vocal about their problems and can come out of depression because of this but this might not be the case for men. Men shut themselves up and don’t talk about what is bothering them. Most of them try to avoid such conversations and get further irritated when asked again.

Men do not like to open up because they feel like they will expose themselves and become vulnerable. They do not want to portray themselves as weak so they prevent any conversation pertaining to it. This makes the problem-solving process tougher.

If you feel this is the case for you too, then read the below mentioned steps to help him recover from his depression.

  • Understand the problem

Knowing the problem will help you to know the reason for his depression. He might not wish to talk about it but try getting it out. This doesn’t mean that you nag him, but just be polite and let him know that you just want to help. Try to be cooperative with him. There could be times where he’s just mood off for no reason. In that case, just try cheering him up.


  • Try coming up with solutions

Help him by listing down solutions to the problem. When you both try coming up with ideas, he will appreciate you for being supportive. Even if he doesn’t mention anything, he will definitely be thinking highly of you.


  • Give him a flashback of his achievements

This can, at times, be a real confidence booster. Telling him what all has he achieved and the great things that he had done in the past will boost his self-esteem. He will get a reminder of his success which will make him feel confident about himself.


  • Give him a change

Take him to a movie or out for dinner. Help him get his mind off things and relax. Taking him to places where he can cool his mind can help him think differently and calmly.


  • Don’t go overboard

While you’re doing all these great things for him make sure that you do not outdo yourself to the extent where he either feels too pressured or feels like you’re just annoying him. Boost his confidence but do not exceed the limit.


  • Don’t be a bother

You know that this is a hard time for him so avoid picking any fights at the moment. Let him be cranky and a let him criticise you for a while. You know this is temporary so let him behave like a baby if it makes him feel any better.


  • Give him space

In the end, just let him have his own space and figure things out on his own. They are his problems so all you can do is support him and help him. If he feels like being alone and taking the matters into his hands, let him do. Just make sure that he knows you are with him but let him decide what he wants.

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